Linda Lucas-Shoe

When I heard about The By Ear Musician something stirred in me to give them a call. You see I took piano lessons as a child and had an awful experience with my instructor. She taught piano the traditional way and I found it very hard to learn the notes and catch on. When I made a mistake she would hit my fingers with a ruler. From then on I had a real mental block. Now that I’m studying with Jesse at the ‘by ear musician’ I feel like I can finally learn the piano that I love. The By Ear Muscian is the way to go. Jesse is a gifted musician and has an equal gifting for teaching. Playing by ear has shown me that it is a much better approach to learning music. Even an illiterate can do it!. I will finally be able to play my favorite tunes and play for my church, friends and family. Thank God and you Jesse for making this available to me!

Glen Autrey

If anyone ever requests a reference or if there is ever need of a testimonial you can feel free to use my name. I have told others in the past and will tell even more in the future of the musician that The By Ear Musician brought out of me. I was given guidance that had me playing a song after only one lesson…which immediately made it all fun. As simple as that first song was it was in perfect accord with a method of revealing music that had me playing by ear but getting enough of the theory to be dangerous. My relationship with music has forever changed because I am now feeling music as I play it and the best part is that it is a lot more fun playing music than it ever was to listen to it.
After a couple years of piano I experimented with drums, voice, bass guitar, and mandolin and in every case the instruction was relevant to my prior training and it was almost as if the training I had received on one instrument was setting me up for the next.
What else can I say? On that first day when you showed me “Everybody Is Somebody’s Baby” you were showing me the 1,4,5 thing and by week two or three had me doing it in 12 keys. I’d say that’s a pretty good start on what I now know is going to be a lifetime of experiencing the joy that comes with playing music.
I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done to help me advance with my music.

Nancy Hilton

I have two children who are taking piano at the By Ear Musician. They have been taking lessons for 7 ½ years. I really like the “by ear” method that is used, as it encourages them to hear and feel the music. By learning chords from the beginning, they were able to play using both hands, but didn’t have to learn to read music. Reading music was not the main emphasis in the beginning, and I feel that took a lot of the stress out of playing. As they have progressed in playing, they have learned to read music as well. Both of my children who have different learning styles and different styles of playing, enjoy it very much.

LaDonna Vieweg

Finally!! Something my kids don’t want to quit! I knew from the first week that this was going to be different. From the very beginning, both kids were playing real songs and having fun. Now, after just one year, it’s AMAZING what they’ve accomplished. They just had their first recital and even their skeptical dad (“I don’t know why you’re wasting your time, they’ll just quit.”) was blown away and said “Wow, they’re actually going to do this!” Thanks, Johnsons. The kids are progressing, having a great time, and are on their way to becoming real musicians; and, I am singing your praises to all my friends. This program really works!

Libby King

My children and I have have been involved with the By Ear Musician studio for many years. Recently I have been fulfilling a long time desire to learn to play the guitar. This has been an extremely rewarding experience for me. Jesse is an excellent teacher. He taught voice to my daughter, keyboard and voice to my son and now is teaching guitar to me. His flexibility at being able to teach both children and adults is a wonderful asset. My experience with TBEM has been and continues to be wonderful.

Chad Foster

I played guitar for 2 years without any formal lessons or instructions before coming to The By Ear Musician. I learned more in the first 3 months here than in the previous two years. Jesse is a very professional and experienced teacher and I would recommend The By Ear Musician to any one who really wants to learn or improve virtually any instrument.

Shawn Bethel

I have always wanted music to be a big part of my life. It was not until later in life that I slowed down long enough to pursue my desire to play the guitar with style and versatility. My schedule is crazy; there is no such thing as free time. There have been days when I showed up for my lesson with a sad face on about the fact that I truly had not taken the time to practice. Mr. Johnson, in all his great wisdom and patience, would reassure me that it is about enjoying the music and not making it a task. Improving my guitar skills has allowed playing to become a great escape for me; I truly enjoy it. I am writing and composing like I have always wanted to.

M. Jackson

I didn’t know what a difference a teacher could make. My son used to feel very frustrated playing piano. Now he feels encouraged. He plays all different kinds of music. He has learned the Star War’s theme music, which he played at a school concert, then went on to play Minuet in C by Bach and the Emperor waltz by Strauss. He is taught to persevere with a piece of music to play it as well as he possibly can. He is simply happier learning from The By Ear Musician studio than with his previous teacher.

Nick Banks

Our experience with the Johnson family has been wonderful for the kids and for me. Since we all take lessons there, it has been a really neat experience for all of us grow musically together. The kids and I have committed ourselves to the process and teaching methods they use and the results have been amazing. The three of us always look forward to going to our lessons and we have fun at home playing together. It’s been great to watch the kids grasp something totally new to them and absorb it as quickly as they have. If you are thinking about giving it a try I think you should – you will not be disappointed.

Audree Caristi

I have bee a student of The By Ear Musician studio about 2 months and taken 8 lessons. I have had a great experience. So far I enjoy my time during my private lesson and enjoy the fact that the studio teaches such a wide array of musical tastes and instruments. I personally took lessons when I lived in Boston but my experience with The By Ear Musician studio has been much better as the teachers are much more personable and hands on.


Garrett Streber

For the duration of time I’ve spent taking lessons here, it isn’t out of line to say that I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve learned a completely different style of guitar that not only sets you and me a cut above the rest but is also a crucial step forward in learning to play the instrument altogether.